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Traditional background scenes for modellers. Reproduced from original artwork by Dennis Farthing-Mason, this range of printed scenic background sheets offers the modeller endless possibilities for the creation of individualized backscenes to enhance the visual impact of any layout. Designed to be used in a cut-and-paste form, mixing components from different sheets, a modest effort can give stunning results. All sheets are printed in full lithographic colour on a truly matt heavy weight paper.


Suggestions for working with Townscene background sheets:

- Try mixing elements from sheets at different scales to create distance perspective.

- Where the size of backscene required makes it necessary to use multiple copies of the same sheets, cut-and-paste elements to reduce the evidence of repetition - e.g a single large gas-works is much less conspicuous than two or three identical gas-works in different positions.

- Use as much depth as possible to create a better illusion of distance of view - cut out individual building elements, mount on thick card, and mount in front of other elements, if possible placing packing between layers to increase the effect.

- Use low-relief buildings in front of printed backscenes to make the transition from distance to foreground.


Backscenes are best fixed to a board (hardboard, thin ply, or light-weight foam-core board are suitable) which is then attached to the back edge of the layout, or to the wall behind it. For most layouts a height of up to 12" (300mm) is usually sufficient. If a wood-based material is used, it should first be painted, or sized with dilute PVA to seal the grain and save on the aount of glue required later. We suggest that the back-board is covered with Townscene continuous sky-effect paper, and then backscene elements should be added on top of that.

We recommend the use of Fixogum rubber cement adhesive for fixing backscene sheets to your chosen mounting surface - we suggest that you do not fix direct to a wall (if this is unavoidable, standard decorating adhesives should be used, but be aware of the possibility of experiencing bubbles and wrinkles). Fixogum allows for wrinkle-free fixing, with the added advantage of being easy to remove accidental application to surface areas - simply rub off with the fingers once dried.

Some images from the Townscene range are now also available for 'O' and 'Z' scale applications. These are reproduced from the same original artwork, but use high-definition photocopier printing technology on matt art paper. Contact us for more details.